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Dramioner shoot crystal at Rona then but, Rona jump to climb tree! Dramioner mad said " grr! I keep shoot!" Rona lot a miss 3 min. Rona and dramioner panting. Rona think past stitch said " you feel ready one-punch how to 4,000 or 6,000 x time punch and remember to think lock him, hearty ready punch wher new power. No one then rock or crystal...." Rona closer eye then oper eye. Rona slow yell " ahhhhhhhhhh!" slow run when glow yellow hand to dramioner stock said " no! Impossiler! " shoot crystal at Rona. But Rona's barrel power not hit! LILO said " no way!" jumba huge stock said " I not been new power!?" Bonnie stock. Dramioner super worry said " no. No. Nooooooo!" Rona punch hit at dramioner's belling said " UGH! Ahhhh!" stitch know and smile said " it end..." huge boom! Rona hard panting and look at hand got crystal trap... Family is winning! Bonnie big happy said " he did!! Hahahahaha " sellye smile and go away then sellye look at Rona's hand got crystal trap... Rona one eye water drop... Rona final said " I'm sorry, got crystal trap hahaha... (one time crying) bye" Bonnie sad said " Rona?.... Why?" Rona smile to kiss at Bonnie's lips.. Stitch sad said " Rona....." nane is crying.. 
Rona not worry said " not worry, family.. See ya ten year.. " Bonnie big crying said " no! No! Not die...." Rona put marry box give for Bonnie. Rona said " got box" Bonnie got marry box said " why?" Rona hand to Bonnie's face left. Rona smile and little crying said "......bye " Rona put arm cross and start sleep then full crystal trap.. Bonnie big crying " noooo! Rona!!!!!!" angel keen down and crying. Stitch crying hug at angel. LILO cry said " no. No. No. Rona" nane cry said " LILO....." Bonnie keeping cry and remember past.... Rona silly said " ohhh! Ugh! Ahhhhhh." Bonnie laugh up. Rona kiss Bonnie's lips. Bonnie sit with Rona. Bonnie said " hi" Rona smile said "hi, why sit for me?" now Bonnie look at marry box. Bonnie open at marry box then stock look at marry ring, she pick a marry ring then Bonnie cry said " sweet.. Rona" Bonnie look at Rona's crystal trap........ The end

Not finish..... 631 room Rona's crystal trap and still sleep then waker up! Rona smile said " I'm back!"
Sad story :(
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June 10, 2012
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